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About us

Thanks to its high levels of reliability and flexibility, combined with affordable pricing and an understanding of the operations and organisation of its customers, Daktiva koeriers’ customer base includes a wide range of businesses and organisations. Many of our customers aim to realise an environment that fosters creativity, and this corresponds closely with Daktiva koeriers’ own vision: Good service is based on flexibility!

Daktiva koeriers is a reliable and flexible courier service that operates both nationally and internationally, ensuring your time-critical shipment isn’t delayed by bulk transport or transshipment. Our couriers will collect your shipment directly from you and will then ensure quick, personal and reliable delivery to any address in the Netherlands or far beyond.

Our company is active, reachable and available 7 days a week.
Daktiva koeriers b.v. has a Euro licence and all our vehicles are equipped with satellite navigation, as well as the latest Track & Trace and environmental technologies. This means that we can view the actual location and calculate the route ahead and ETA for each vehicle. In addition, all couriers have a mobile phone, meaning they can be reached at all times to inform them directly of any changes. With these tools, we are always able to tell you exactly where your shipment is.

You can count on us for all your important documents and products of all sizes. We also have the facilities for express high-volume, long-distance and heavy transport, and we are fully certified to transport such items because – unlike the average courier service – we hold a Euro licence. Being a reliable transport partner is about more than just having a van!
Daktiva koeriers can transport all of your small and large shipments across Europe, and because we hold the correct permits, your items will never be held up because they do not meet the legal requirements. Daktiva koeriers b.v. has three branches in Hilversum, Amsterdam and Almere, which means we can reach you quickly to collect your shipment and deliver it directly at the agreed time.

Daktiva koeriers chilled and frozen transport department specialises in temperature-controlled express transport of any shipment you may have.
We work according to the HACCP guidelines and comply with all their requirements.
Our chilled and frozen transport vehicles are regularly cleaned to HACCP standards and all our vehicles comply with the latest environmental requirements (Euro 5).
We specialise in the express transport of all your chilled, frozen or heated shipments (-25°C to +25°C), both nationally and internationally.
In addition, all of our vans meet the ATP standards and are equipped with a Track & Trace system.