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Welcome to Daktiva koeriers b.v. | Couriers Hilversum Almere Amsterdam

Daktiva koeriers b.v. was established on 16 October 1995 as a courier service at the Media Park in Hilversum, and has since developed into a reliable and flexible transport partner. Read more

Call us now: +31356239634

Thanks to this reliability and flexibility, combined with affordable pricing and an understanding of the operations and organisation of its customers, Daktiva koeriers has been able to expand its customer base to include a wide range of businesses and organisations. Many of our customers aim to realise an environment that fosters creativity, and this corresponds closely with Daktiva koeriers’ own vision: good service is based on flexibility!

Our courier service is active, reachable and available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Daktiva koeriers b.v. has a Euro licence and a transparent business structure, with short and clear lines. All our vehicles meet the latest environmental standards (Euro 5) and are equipped with satellite navigation and the latest Track & Trace technologies. This means that we can view the actual location and calculate the route ahead and ETA for each vehicle. In addition, all couriers have a mobile phone, meaning they can be reached at all times. With these tools, we are always able to tell you exactly where your shipment is.

Call us now: +31356239634

Our courier service specialises in time-critical shipments of all sizes. Chilled, ambient or heated – we can handle it all! Our customers include various manufacturing and service businesses, advertising agencies and several broadcasters, as well as the railways, dairy producers, lawyers and pharmaceutical companies.
You can count on us 24/7 for all your important documents, products and normal shipments, but we also have the facilities for high-volume, long-distance and heavy transport of items such as scenery, furniture, lighting equipment and pallets. In addition, we can handle chilled, frozen and heated shipments (-25°C to +25°C), both nationally and internationally. We work according to the HACCP guidelines and comply with all their requirements.

Daktiva koeriers b.v. has a nationwide network to help us provide even quicker service to our customers.
We have three branches in Hilversum, Amsterdam and Almere, allowing us to serve
a customer base that extends far beyond the Central Netherlands.