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Small Van:

4.20 m³, LxHxB = 2.05 mtr x 1.25 mtr x 1.51 mtr
Load capacity up to 900kg.

Large Van:

9.80 m³, LxHxB = 3.70 mtr x 1.90 mtr x 1.40 mtr
Load capacity up to 1400kg, Roof transport for items up to 7 m,
ramp for items such as flight cases.

Van for chilled/frozen transport:

6.5 m³, LxHxB = 3.00 mtr x 1.65 mtr x 1.25 mtr
Load capacity up to 1400kg.
For transport of all your chilled, frozen and heated shipments
(-25°C to +25°C), both national and international.

Rigid truck with tail lift:

vrachtwagen_page18.50 m³, LxHxB = 4.20 mtr x 2.10 mtr x 2.10 mtr
Load capacity up to 800kg.

Truck with 1500 kg tail lift:

45.00 m³, LxHxB = 7.50 mtr x 2.50 mtr x 2.50 mtr
Load capacity up to 5300kg.

As you can see, our wide-ranging fleet allows us to take care of
all kind of shipments,
whether it’s heavy transport, long-distance transport, high-volume transport or chilled/frozen transport!